Children don’t want to sit still and “say cheese”.  They spend most of their time being goofy, curious, and playful.  Pay attention to when they are their happiest, and choose your session location based off of that.  It could be their favourite park with the monkey bars, your own backyard with the treehouse, or even the zoo!  I capture lifestyle images–meaning portraits of people in their element with natural expressions that represent who they really are.  These following images capture 100% genuine laughs and action.  No coaching or posing, just kids living life the way they are supposed to.

Having a session at an indoor play centre is a fantastic idea for the middle of winter.  It is miserable outside, and kids get cold and runny noses if you are outside for too long.

kids playing in indoor play centre brandon manitoba 

Although, if it must be outside, there are still many options for getting great images like these ones:

family fun in winter with snow on trail family fun in winter with snow on trail family fun in winter with snow on trail family fun in winter with snow on trail family fun in winter with snow on trail

Another favourite of mine is a session held in your own home.  Everyone will be the most comfortable, and every image is unique and filled with personality.  Best to take place when the sun is shining the brightest through your windows, it can make for a cozy, lifestyle session.

Lastly, if you’ve ‘been there, done that’ and want something new and creative, I have gathered a few inspirational posts from other photographers for lifestyle photoshoot ideas:

Having a session at a zoo (by Winter Lotus Photography) can create beautiful backgrounds of nature–and isn’t just for families either!

Consider choosing a local “specialty” museum (with permission of course) like this Vintage Crochet Museum session by Jenn Emerling–it features many bright colours and a refreshing look.

If you are a fan of super simple and minimalistic beauty, try a parking garage?  From a photographer’s POV, they can have amazing lighting, perfect for getting that fresh glow on your skin.  This parking garage photoshoot by Jen Sherrick Photography shows this perfectly!

I am always up for fresh adventure with a fun family, so don’t be shy to tell me if you have an idea in mind like these.  Talk to you soon!

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