I am writing this as I am currently 40.5 weeks pregnant, experiencing the end of the road fullness that all my friends and clients have talked about so many times.  It feels surreal to be here, on the other side this time, the one with the belly.  I haven’t yet decided whether I loved, liked, or disliked being pregnant.  I think that will depend on the end result, how I feel when it was all worth it and I have my child in my arms.  We are waiting until the birth to find out the gender so please excuse the ‘it’ and ‘them’ references 😉

I found out I was pregnant around end of February and announced it to the world about five days later because I cannot hold something like that in.  I knew we would be living in New Brunswick at the time the baby would be born as we were posted by the military that summer.  Right away I called the Manitoba midwives, the New Brunswick midwives, and started the search for my own birth photographer.  Thankfully, I was accepted by both Manitoba and New Brunswick midwives, and it was a smooth transition.  I found my birth photographer, Elisabeth, and hired her as soon as I could.

The decision to hire a birth photographer in the first place was obvious.  I knew immediately that I would have one, no matter the cost or what my husband thought.  Even though I, myself, am a birth photographer, my husband did take a bit of convincing.  Once he realized how important it was to me, of course he agreed.

Why I Hired a Birth Photographer

I think my first reason for knowing I needed a birth photographer was simple–how can I advise expecting mothers on the wonderful reasons to hire one, if I don’t even hire one myself!  Not many first-time mothers have a birth photographer and I totally understand those reasons.  You have no idea what is going to happen, you don’t want a stranger capturing your large uncomfortable belly, etc.  But it is SO much more than that and I didn’t want to regret NOT hiring a birth photographer.  Too many ‘what ifs’ came to mind: What if I never had another child?  What if I had a terrible time with my memory and didn’t remember anything that happened?  I’ve also realized now, that my eyes will probably be closed half the time, and I really want to see how my husband cares for me and helps me through it.  I am sure I won’t care too much about him and his feelings during labour, and I would really love to be able to look back on the pictures and see it later.

I Want to Remember Every Emotion

Being here, at the end, it is clear to me why I want and need a birth photographer.  This is literally the biggest moment of my life. This will be the most body-changing, painful, gratifying, scary, loving, surprising, bonding moment of my life and my husband and I’s ten-year relationship.  I want to remember how far I’ve come, the look on my face when I swear to my husband that I can’t go any further but then the moment that I DO go further.  I want to remember my strength, my resilience, my tears, my break-downs, and eventually my relief.  The moment when my child is out and on my chest, and we look at them for the first time.  I want to remember the exact moment our family of two (and two fur-babies) becomes a family of three.

I want to remember the emotions of the beginning of the rest of our lives.

pregnant belly expecting mother

If you are looking for a birth photographer, or want to know more, try reading my post about surprising reasons you may want a birth photographer, or check out the website Canadian Birth Photographers to find a photographer in your local area.