Stay calm, and your children will follow.  Remember that phrase, monkey see, monkey do?  It is very relevant to keeping your photo session fun, carefree and natural.  You want these images of you and your children to remember their unique, innocent personalities for years to come.

This father and son decided on their own to sneak in behind these ladies, with no coaching from me.  Sometimes I love to let clients do their thing — while I catch it in the best light.


A great piece of advice for a successful session coming up, is to plan a relaxed day.  Don’t try to plan too many errands, or be on a tight timeline.  Maybe sleep in and make pancakes, or go for a family walk before the session.  If you as the parent keep a calm mind, and truly enjoy the session, your children (and your spouse!) will take note.  They need to take their cues from someone, and you are the best role model.

There is no need to be watching your children, making sure they are smiling properly, or sitting up straight — that is why you hire a professional photographer.  Your job is to have an hour of laughing and bonding with your loved ones, while I get the ‘money shots’ 😉


This vintage styled shoot was shot in Brandon, Manitoba.  All costumes and props were provided and styled by the wonderful Adrienne of The Vintage Costume Company  I would highly recommend hiring her and her team for any event.  Dressing up adds a fun flare to any occasion.