“Hi, come in! Phew, sorry for the mess, I tried to clean earlier but (insert any million of reasons why your house doesn’t look like you hired a professional cleaning service)”

I’ve noticed a pattern over the past few years of people, typically women/mothers, who apologize for their ‘messy’ house when they have visitors.

welcome to our house. we are busy making memories

Stop apologizing!

Half the time your house is cleaner than mine, and you have three kids and your husband is away for 8 months straight.  You know what my house situation is? Two cats. And me. And three-day old cat puke on the floor that I didn’t notice until yesterday but can’t see when I’m sitting on the couch watching Netflix 😉

Sure, I work full-time, but so do you, you Mother! Most people don’t like house cleaning and I don’t blame you for not keeping it tidy while you parent one to five crazy little half-humans.

I’m not visiting to see your house, I’m visiting for you!

You know what your messy house says to me while you let out a big breath and sit on your couch with a large glass of wine while your kids sleep upstairs?  That your kids are alive. They are sleeping because they are exhausted from all the fun the had with you during the day.  That you are tired too, but still want to get in some “you” time before it all starts again the next day.

Nobody is perfect, your house should be the least of your worries.  You certainly don’t need to apologize to a good friend for it.

Let’s adopt a different greeting and change our thought process:

“Hi, I’m so glad you came to visit.”

Visiting client’s houses over the past year I’ve learned so much about their personalities through viewing their house.  I don’t remember clutter or dirty dishes, I remember wall art painted by their husband.  I remember the beautiful wooden antique chairs with a story.  I remember sitting on their couch and having a laugh over their kid’s crazy face in that picture.

father playing with his kids on the couch in living room lifestyle

I focus on you, the way it should be.